Sneaker culture and high-fashion have become more intertwined than ever, and Louis Vuitton, no stranger to sneakerheads, has produced a range of sneakerboots that pay homage to the Air Jordan line.
Yes, that's right, this sneakerboot, dubbed the "Trailblazer," comes complete with "Elephant Print," which was first found on the Air Jordan III.

Available in two options, one priced at $995 and a more luxurious option coming in at $1995, the former comes in two colorways with each featuring a calf-skin upper with perforated nubuck, and mesh toe box. The pricier edition makes use of a combination of watersnake and tejus (lizard) leathers and is also available in two colorways, "Bordeaux" and "Beige."

While other high-fashion brands make use of more popular models as inspiration for their own, it's hard to say which sneaker that LV took cues from. Right now, though, athletic sneakers, and the history behind them, is a circling trend in the luxury world. It's no surprise that LV would reach and take hints from Air Jordans for its designs. The brand has collaborated with Kanye West in the past and released a line of accessories with the house's name done-up in neon graffiti. 

It is a sign, however, that sneaker culture has come full circle. And footwear that was made to wear to the gym and stunt in urban environments is now the talk of the runway. The sneakers are currently available on LV's online shop.


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