In my mind I'm one of the world's greatest covert rappers and every time I press play on a new beat tape, I go in!! What is a beat tape? A beat tape is an instrumental album released by music producers. Its purpose is to showcase a producer’s skill at developing musical compositions, range in creating an original sound and potential to bring out the best in an artist.
This new take on the traditional mixtape made me ponder, do beat tapes have any value? Well, besides providing the soundtrack for my car concerts.

Thanks to social networks and music forum websites like Datpiff and Livemixtapes, it is relatively easy to find self-released beat tapes featuring new music from producers.  As producers decide to release a beat tape, they must be sure to understand the benefits and the risk that come along with the album.

What are the benefits:
♪ People can hear your music

♪ Reach a new audience

♪ Expand your discography

What are the risks:
♪ Loss of money and time as most beat tape releases are generally free

♪ Someone may steal your sound/idea

♪ The song exposure may deter an artist from picking a released track

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? The answer is a resounding YES!! Releasing ready to record material in the form of a beat tape is certainly beneficial for the advancement, or even maintainability, of a music producer.

Today's producers have certainly taken this new medium and used the beat tape advantageously. For example, Willie B, a TDE in house producer, recently took the beat tape to the next level, with his visual album, 'Ichiban: Live From Manhattan', which was released on Instagram and iTunes.  Then there is Jansport J, who has released six highly acclaimed beat tapes, and used them as a catalyst to reach a label; He recently signed a deal with Delicious Vinyl Records. In all, the beat tape can be a great resource for music producers if properly executed.

#TipOfTheDay - Make sure that the beat tape has an overall established and identifiable sound.

To hear music from the producers mentioned in this article, check out:
Wille B:
Jansport J:************
Professor KG is a music business educator,  CEO of The Aver Agency, a music business administration company and creator of 'The Producer Suite', a music education workshop series.

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Yesi Martin
01/09/2015 2:29pm

Beat tapes are a definite plus!

01/09/2015 3:54pm

Everybody steals

chase xxl
01/09/2015 4:03pm

Nice drop KG! 1 luv!


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07/12/2015 11:50pm

As producers decide to release a beat tape, they must be sure to understand the benefits and the risk that come along with the album.

09/26/2015 5:16am

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