Month: September 2017

“Knock Knock” by AhchWath Ty Battle   As I sit on my couch engulfed in reality t.v. I get a “Knock Knock” in reality. I respond like all who receives a call, who’s there?, as I pretend to care. It’s society and I need your help please citizen, I’m in […]

“Be Patient, Be Patient”! by AhchWath Ty Battle Be patient, be patient, for patience is a virtue, We need more time to fix the systems that hurt you. Yes we are aware that its taking forever to fix, The wheels of justice turns slowly, never quick, quick, quick. It took […]

Mankind? by Achoti Ty Battle   What kind of man makes our mankind? When we see atrocities, we pretend that we are blind. We drown out the sound of our children crying from the schools, churches and streets, Cause the sounds of bullets spraying means the loss of a another […]

My old friend, Sin by Achoti Ty Battle   Me and my old friend, Sin, use to get down, get it in. We flocked and rocked together like the body chills and hangs with skin. Sin had me doing things that in hindsight I shall never do again. I wanna […]

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