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Written by on 10/07/2017

This shows the intent of the hijack to remove us & attempt to reshape us after their image using “education, religion, society & science etc”.
The reference to the “red” man is them referring to us after wiping our memory.
Note them referring to “unwritten tablets”. The Law was written on tablets of stone. Their “new test” is their way of testing their Psalm 83 plan against us.



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  1. TruthRealized   On   10/08/2017 at 11:23 PM

    The movie “ERASER” staring “Arnold “SCHWARZeNEGGER” is about an indigenous woman (Vanessa WILLiams) who worked for the government & found out their plans to sell weapons, (EM-1 Railgun…look it up…doesn’t the description sound like chemtrails…ijs) to the enemy & decided to expose them, which put her life in danger. She then needed a hijack, who in reality, obviously stole a melanated family’s name my Naga, to completely erase her identity & give her a new one (which she wasn’t even vibing with but accepted for the sake of “safety & security”)…the HIJACK IS REAL! Check the etymology of Tabula rasa & think about our history…KNOW YOURSELF & KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Vibe up fam….your redemption is on the way! HaWa HaWa

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