Drop Poetry | DraKhans, DraKhans Everywhere! | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 10/10/2017

DraKhans, DraKhans Everywhere!

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Empty your cup, open your eyes, let go of time and ride along if you dare

You may have a life saving, fire-breathing DraKhan and you seem to not even care

You may see them in movies, read it in books, or catch it on display for a fare

You may discover that the mythical creatures were not so unbelievingly rare

For centuries DraKhans have existed in our minds, hearts, the Bible and in the air

They come as tales of dinosaurs, great whales and the infamous Leviathan pair

They are believed to dwell in caves, tree-mountains and in AmeriKhan lairs

They are bound in chains, locked in museums, and viewed in circuses and fairs

You may learn that “Dungeons and DraKhans ” was real and you are the main players

You may learn you are the victorious one and the enemy, not the DraKhan slayers

The truth may be hidden behind fear, knowledge and lies of many many layers

You may find that there is becoming more believers and less and less nay sayers

DraKhans, DraKhans Everywhere!

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