Drop Poetry | Hijackville | by Eye Of A Dragon

Written by on 10/27/2017


By Dawud aka E.O.D.

In Hijackville everything they own they had to steal.
They have no will.
They only know how to kill.
They make you pay bills while they live on there hills.
And put u ghettos
Calling you negros
Say you have no home
While they sit on your thrones.
Constantly throwing you fictious bones
In reality they hope u never find home
So you will feel forever alone.
And you can’t connect to your fathers throne.
In hijackville fear rules everything around here.
But now we now see clear, no hijacks here
There time is near
So my people shed no Tears
It is our time to cheer.
Hijackville finally going down after all of these years.

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