Drop Poetry | The Sparta Drop Off | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 12/04/2017

The Sparta Drop Off

by AhchWath Ty Battle

We are gonna initiate the “The Big Payback” as we strut you down the sidewalk

We are gonna silence you and the crowd of any static or unwanted backtalk

We are gonna use different means like our barefoot, sandals or even spikes

We are gonna do it flatfoot or a round-a-bout to push you off peaks like Pike’s

We are gonna decide just when to kick you dead in your padded chest

We are gonna send the message to the world that we are a selected best

We are gonna drop the hijack right off the “magical” Sparta cliff

We are gonna stop, stare you down and give a kick that will be swift

We are gonna yell “This is Sparta” to let you know we have mad heart

We are gonna fully expect you to climb your way back and get a restart

We are gonna listen to you fall, and we will stand there and laugh it off

We are gonna get rid of you, your crew and your lojack energy and all

We are clap it up, take a breath, then briefly and respectfully celebrate

We are gonna take a moment to find our Zan and satisfactorily appreciate

We are gonna tell you “if we can’t live like men we might as well die like one”

We are gonna let our WaTah flow, get over it, and move on, because we are done

The Sparta Drop Off

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