Drop Poetry | The Drop House | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 01/12/2018

The Drop House

by AhchWath Ty Battle

We had a very special tyme at The Drop Shabata house

We got to taste great food by Chef Candie, Drop’s lovely spouse

We got to vibe up with their yapah tribe, The Four Droplets

We got to experience a nature hike with AD as a needed outlet

We witnessed the beauty of The Thousands Oaks Waterfall cave

We got to receive all the blessings Hawah generously gave

We got to enjoy Cali as they showed us all the hot spots

We got filled up with a full vegan meal from Momma Drop

We saw the dragons in the streets of the city called Inglewood

We got to roll around in the realms of Drop’s young childhood

We got to chill and relax in the home of The Drop Radio station

We got to get cozy in the nook and browse the book haven

We got to listen to hear Big Bruh live and CJ free style rhymes

We got to be In the Ether, and Levi Up all In Battle Tyme

The Drop House

The Drop Radio


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