Month: February 2018

Much Ahab (Love) by AhchWath Ty Battle   We have to take tyme, to pour out to our brethren and offer much ahab It is our sole responsibility, obligation, tribal and our spiritually assigned job We have to remember and reinstated the confidence the enemy came to rob We have […]

Ireland – Ur of the Chaldees – Anna Wilkes 1873 The Secret Archives of The Vatican – Ambrosini

The 9 Dimensions of The World Tree Global Israelite Community Code

Esau-Edom Ancient African Kings Of India – By Dr. Clyde Winters Are Mayas, Indian Nagas?

Would You Believe by AhchWath Ty Battle   Would you believe that HWH has made the trees, water, plants and sand for you Would you believe that the royal priesthood will be a mark and brand for you Would you believe that one day the earth will again be righteously […]

Why We Marched by AhchWath Ty Battle   We marched for freedom from a system that oppresses us We marched for freedom from a system that suppresses us We marched for freedom from a system that rejects us We marched for freedom from a system that neglects us We marched […]

Truth or Tradition? by AhchWath Ty Battle   Are we entangled in a system based on truth or fabricated idolic tradition Are we following the ways of heathens that has us on the road to perdition Are we on a path that will make prophesied destruction come to fruition Are […]


I ask you- What is a creole person? As it turns out there have been many definitions. Check out these ones Creole /ˈkriːəʊl/ noun 1. (sometimes not capital) ( in the Caribbean and Latin America) a native-born person of European, esp Spanish, ancestry a native-born person of mixed European and African ancestry who speaks a French or Spanish creole a native-born Black person as distinguished from one brought from Africa 2. (in Louisiana and other Gulf States of the US) a native-born person of French ancestry 3. the creolized French spoken in Louisiana, esp in New Orleans   Kwéyòl was born out of the slavery era, Africans were […]

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