Drop Poetry | “Open Your Mind” by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 05/10/2018

Open Your Mind

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Go ahead old adult move forward in your spiritual youth

Keep wallowing in your acquired unfounded and fake truth

You’ve gathered up a lifetime of what you consider knowledge

You feel secure from wisdom gathered from the societal college

You keep holding on to the things you have already been told

You protect this given tainted info no matter how outdated or old

You have no desire to mentally or spiritually let go and regrow

You are reassured and firm in the things you think you may know

You are complacent in the condition of you and your people

You hold fast to thinking currently you are free and equal

You have grown comfortable with everything you’ve been taught

You have accepted all information without a second thought

You have settled and grown comfortable in all of your ways

You will only know wat you’ve been told for all of your days

Open Your Mind

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