Drop Poetry | “Random Shyt” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 05/15/2018

Random Shyt

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Consciousness is being hypnotized into thinking it is aware

Alarms are sounded and silenced so you won’t wake and care

Brainwash is to cleanse the mind of things we once did know

Relax the coils so the frequency wires are trained not to grow

Elevators are stuck on the fifth flo with an out of order sign

Holographic images used to manipulate the real in your mind

Backwards mirrors so you don’t correctly see your true self

Giants shrunk from skyscrapers to the hobbit or the magic elf

Tyme is set to birth the dawn of a projected future from the past

Futile attempts to save a system of corrupt lies that cannot last

Ascension to higher states of existence and still remain grounded

Duality thinking, keeps thoughts of finding a oneness confounded

Procrastination is a slow trip to a later space you are thinking of now

Ancestors religiously gathered thru reunions and the tribal powwow

Mentally limiting the vastness of earth and it’s invisible shields

Walls of deception formed by altering the natural energy field

Land under foot is worth more than many dreamlands overseas

The newest part of the earth has the oldest known living trees

Planetary movement keeps you motionless and noticeably still

Name capitalized into monetising your land and your free will

Random Shyt

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