Drop Poetry | “The Earth Beats to it’s Rhythmic Flow” | by Templar Irvin Reed

Written by on 05/23/2018

The earth beats to it’s rhythmic flow

by Templar Irvin Reed

Reasons over passions’ the goal
Seasons over rations: control
Meaning over speaking; Babel
Your trees over valleys’ tribal
The earth beats to its rhythmic flow!
The rouahk blows to create souls
Soulful yet spiritless? Invented!
Spiritful yet soulless? Nephilim!
Can you feel the beats in your chest?!
Framer and Shaper: Heart and breath
When the rouahk blows it creates souls
The fiyah burns and must be kept
It was lit when code was made flesh
When goals were inspired from rest!
Motion is combustion: stay fresh
Like the first six days it’s timeless
The fiyah burns and must be kept!
The watah flows springs Hawudah
Orinahko brings Maramah
Miriam does songs of freedom
What’s an Exodus? LEAVE ‘EM!
Paradise, Prestor John? Eden
ThaWaDah ben Hawa is Judah!
Ether beats, blows, burns, flows: complete.
The tau that marks the spot’s discrete.
Wah plus ether equals weather
Meteor is dragon IS Prestor
Past the Third Eye, 6 more…Nine sees
Ether beats, blows, burns, flows complete.

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