Drop Poetry | “Next Step Forward” | by Templar Irvin Reed

Written by on 06/15/2018

From the House of Reed:

Next Step Forward ( a tribal love psalm)
by Irvin John
There are many roads filled with danger
There are many flows from Roraima
Hawa is aware of your strangers
And code is knowing where you came from
Click clack, sticks slaps

Engarde is the tau
Hit back, pay back
Dragons on the wall
One mind, work grind
Nehemiah’s Four
One God, One Khan
Hosea’s Three for sure
Grand Khan, America’s most wanted
Grand son, America’s most noted
Levi’s son, Leviathan…same dif
Joke is you only know him as J. Chris(t)
No free-styling; all skinny no fat
A moment of your time for the facts:
When I sit alone,
No ShaBaTah,
Where do I draw strength?
From Hawa!
He gives me access to enjoy the ether
Through rivers, storms, chakras or nature
O Hawa! I pray thee
You suffer me!
Cover me continually!
Correct me profusely!
Forgive me verily!
Tarry be not enmity!
You’ve given me tribe at least threefold
Catawba, 432, and the Reed household
I will NOT fold, bend the knee, nor betray
I will go bold, hijack free and create
Another wall of protection, a 432 production
With Brother King’s direction, Hiram’s protection
Ty’s Poetry sessions, Zeek’s song selection
Kirumeo’s history lesson, Prince’s noble inflection
MzDee’s love connection, KB’s ether sessions
Monarchy’s music creation, AyeDee’s intuition
CC’s Zan Cooking, and Big Bruh’s “How you livin’?!”
I Templar for them with Your discretion!
Something worth fighting for
Is worth dying for
Thus the fight is in
The next step forward

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