Drop Poetry | “Freedom” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Written by on 07/06/2018


AhchWath Ty Battle


Freedom is not to be looked at or considered as an option

It is the concept of choosing up and the will to stop sin

Freedom is not a choice of which you have to luckily choose

It should be considered like you have nothing else to lose

Freedom is on it’s own list no need for you to wrongly select

It is not one of the things that you can afford to just neglect

Freedom is not the coin in the air you have to hurry to pick

It is the glue or adhesive, whatever is needed for it to stick

Freedom makes you aware that you have to stand and fight

It is the armor that will protect you as you flex your might

Freedom forces you to stand up and make an inevitable choice

Use your law, the ether and you can use your very own voice

Freedom is the uncontrollable right to move or freely stand

It is to live naturally and exist sovereignly on your Earth’s land

Freedom is knowing you are not just a home grown slave

It is rewarding the fight and lives in the home of the brave

Freedom is breaking loose of the fear spell that binds us

It is seeing right through the spiritual haze that blind us

Freedom is knowing that being poisoned is a silent war sign

It is overstanding that you are a product of the Great Divine


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