Word Drop | They KNOW Who They Are NOT! What Are Bitter Herbs? | Dropped by Tava Patton

Written by on 04/09/2019


Preparing for the Pesach, next Monday, I research bitter herbs. Entailed in the data are the following. I’m sending this as Drop! Because it is a Numbers situation. They cannot bless what’s blessed or curse what is cursed, but they can cause Hebrew AmeruKhans to curse themselves. I discovered long ago Israelis have a “Civil,” calendar. They do not adhere to our Hebrew calendar, although no one pays attention. All in our face bone. Today, I find that “their” bitter herbs are used in memorium of the ROMAN INVASION. Not even the same herbs, but they KNOW they cannot observe the Exodus. ORDER over chaos. Its only false doctrine to Hebrews if we are hijacked by what they tell us and we accept.
Abundant love and thanks to you, Khan, Shero’s Chef Kandi and Ty Battle. This classroom has been such an awakening and comfort. I’m in a Sambatyon situation. Hidden and preserved, right here in Calalus. Not a third wave situation(Ahab to them). I have been vibrating for over a year and a half. Started light in my foot and I had no idea what the hell was going on. Hawa lead me to your classroom and so many revelations. I vibrate internally full throttle and at times I have to ask TMH to slow the intensity. Lol.. I haven’t come across anyone else experiencing the same. I don’t inquire I just listen and observe. I have a witness of this journey, and in the beginning, had no clue! In the mind of a hijack, I thought it was some kind of healing. I laugh now! Energy, vibration, frequency.. The true healing of our Framer and Shaper. Know that Drop Nation is being used by Hawa in a magnificient way!

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