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Dragon Language: Myth no More Author: Hela Thrice-Versed Librarian Comment: Since Skyrim uses a font to encode the Dragon script, we are able to provide direct translations of the text. They appear colored within brakets. Numbers code for combined letters, like AA or EY.   Dragon. The very word conjurs […]

The upcoming total eclipse has people in a frenzy — with airfares spiking to total eclipse zones and “eclipse sunglasses” selling out — but we’re far from the first ones to be fascinated by the obscuring of the sun’s rays. A 15th- to 16th-century Chinese manuscript compendium, currently available for […]

Thawadah Hawa by Achoti Ty Battle   Thawadah Hawa for all that You are and everything that You do You opened our eyes, revealed the lies, so we can search for You Thawadah Hawa for giving us ears to hear to help us find the truth You have awaken the […]

Guardians Of The Child by Armani Galeed   How thankful I am for my family, After days spent in the insanity, Where we learn, but they know naught of the ever consuming vanity, The jackals remain on our heels all the while, Falsifying with mal-intent & fake smiles, Seeking to […]

Weather or Not by Achoti Ty Battle   Earthquakes, volcanos, fires, floods and all these damn hurricanes Event after event is happening and driving the whole world insane The sun was out, now it’s not and where the hell is the moon Are these natural or man-made things and the […]

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