Back To It by AhchWath Ty Battle   This is for the homies in back of the class This is for the rebels in the back of the bus This is for road that takes us back to the past This is for the minus to get back to the […]

  Cern Bringing Demons Through Portals With Images To Give Credibility To It CERN has got Demons actually in the images it blooming released to the public! Cheeky or what! They are trying to do something which NASA has mastered? I mean hiding secrets in plain sight! They are miles […]

Marco Polos’s Travels

Prester John and Europes’s discovery of East Asia – Rachewiltz 1972

How to cook your dragon and a medieval cure for old age

I Am Not a Vegan! by AhchWath Ty Battle   Stop calling me a vegetarian and a vegan I am a natural person who is naturally eatin I was created by HaWaH in a garden paradise Sparked with breath and commanded to rise I am made of the earth, air […]

Encoded in Our DNA by AhchWath Ty Battle   Everything we need to know is encoded in our DNA. It’s been sitting and waiting there since the first day. In every single unique strand the truth will always stay. Unlike the weak flesh our hearts will never go far astray. […]

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