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Civil Revolutionary War by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Independent thoughts of unity form in the state of the conscious mind Suspend talk of another treaty being drafted and too unanimously signed Default thinking keeps us in a place of being nice, comfortable and cozy Revolt risings being shown in blind […]

Ben E King – Stand By Me (440 Hurts)   Ben E King – Stand By Me (432 Hertz)

Geneaological Research Essentials by Wright and Pratt

Passengers Lists of Ships Coming to North America 1607-1825 Compiled by Harold Lancour

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality Emigrants, Religious Exiles, Political Rebels, Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years

Jewelry and Ancient Wellness Essentials Inspired By The Divine Healing Practices Of Our Indigenous Ancestors by Phoenix~ISM   *** DROP NATION SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE *** Shop at Phoenix~ISM Today:

Private Prison Sues State for Not Having Enough Prisoners      

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