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6 Natural Ways to Purify Your Water How to Filter and Purify Water for Traveling, Camping, and Survival

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Imprisoned by AhchWath Ty Battle   Our people are tied down and locked up in the invaders prisons system The cells don’t contain the real criminals but houses indigenous victims They turn the original inhabitants of this land into unfairly assumed convicts They always turn wight motivated protests into racially […]

22-The Great Wall of China Hoax (History-Fiction or Science Book 22)

21-The Issue with Chinese Astronomy (History-Fiction or Science Book 21)

20-The Issue with Baptism of Russia (History-Fiction or Science Book 20)

19-The Testament of Peter the Great (History-Fiction or Science Book 19)

18-Swords and Mantles tell History (History-Fiction or Science Book 18)

17-Maps and Coins vs History (History-Fiction or Science Book 17)

16-Crusades and Exoduses (History-Fiction or Science Book 16)

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