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Total Damages by AhchWath Ty Battle   To Whom this may concern, we are filing charges for things we have to unlearn and learn. We have to sift through falsities to select and discern. We are bringing our case against you for damages and many reasons. A few of these […]

What of Space by AhchWath Ty Battle   If everything is moving in a super fast hurry, Every picture of outer space should be blurry There should never be any pic with one star, When according to Nasa that is all there are It should never ever be eerily quiet […]

The Dark Ages by AhchWath Ty Battle   The Nagas ruled the world during the tyme known as The Dark Ages The images were white washed and untruths were printed in pages The deception is real and as it is revealed the minds and hearts it enrages They invaded your […]

You Are… by AhchWath Ty Battle   My heart , my soul, my eternal breath, My being, my life, my eventual death. My love that flows like an endless river, My world of charity, my generous giver. My sun, my rain, my seasonal changes, My daisies, my roses, my flower […]

You Have to Know by AhchWath Ty Battle   If you never settle on what you know, you can never grow If you always have doubts, you will never figure it out If you remain geographically unsure, you are an easy lure If you always second guess, you will never […]

Privileges and Rights by AhchWath Ty Battle   You can only have privileges on land that you don’t originally belong You have rights when your indigenous to the land on which you roam You can only have privileges when you are foreign to the lands You have rights if you […]

We Acquiesce by AhchWath Ty Battle   We are comfortable in this chaos we choose to adhere and acquiesce We accept and play their black and white board game of chess We readily comply to their rules by always saying yes yes yes We are mindlessly moving around like we […]

432 The Drop Radio by AhchWath Ty Battle   432 The Drop Radio is for the people by the people It is an original concept of which there is no equal It has spots for HWHs chosen and energy healers It has music, poetry, chats, chefs and crystal dealers You […]

Should They Tell You by AhchWath Ty   Should they tell you that they tale, myth, legendize and folklore you Should they tell you Hebrew is foundationally and the core you Should they tell you truthly that they conquer after they explore you Should they tell you the original land […]

Attraction of Distraction by AhchWath Ty Battle   Sports, music, drugs, movies, politics, sex and TV are magnets of attraction We listen in a 440 frequency that keeps us oblivious to the invader’s infraction They are designed ammunition, weapons, and tools of massive distraction We are programmed to gravitate to […]

South America or South Africa by AhchWath Ty Battle   Are you from the natural soil that possesses the Amerucan gold Are you from “African” zones described and known as frigus, cold Are you born in the Holy Land of Peru’s navel and umbilical cord Are you the spawn of […]

The Wakanda Naga Issue by Templar Irvin Reed   First you must recognize equivalence In order to see your own relevance. There’s no need to be benevolent When you know the answer to the question: Wakanda Naga Issue? Break it all down like you’re a mechanic. Look at the details […]

Rebel by AhchWath Ty Battle   You are to rebel, to repel, to firmly reject or to go against You are to pick the honorable side, not to ride the fence You are to stand for a cause in which you know is right You are to always choose up, […]

What’s in the Book  by AhchWath Ty Battle   Our book begins with HWH being your One and Only Savior  Israel is the chosen people that The Creator highly favors  Your Powah ensures that you are guarded and equipped  We were provided with guidance throughout Tanakh scripts  Moses and Enoch […]

Much Ahab (Love) by AhchWath Ty Battle   We have to take tyme, to pour out to our brethren and offer much ahab It is our sole responsibility, obligation, tribal and our spiritually assigned job We have to remember and reinstated the confidence the enemy came to rob We have […]


Would You Believe by AhchWath Ty Battle   Would you believe that HWH has made the trees, water, plants and sand for you Would you believe that the royal priesthood will be a mark and brand for you Would you believe that one day the earth will again be righteously […]

Why We Marched by AhchWath Ty Battle   We marched for freedom from a system that oppresses us We marched for freedom from a system that suppresses us We marched for freedom from a system that rejects us We marched for freedom from a system that neglects us We marched […]

Truth or Tradition? by AhchWath Ty Battle   Are we entangled in a system based on truth or fabricated idolic tradition Are we following the ways of heathens that has us on the road to perdition Are we on a path that will make prophesied destruction come to fruition Are […]

“And Then…” (Joshua 1:8) It’s stated in the WORD, clear, that transgressions were made 15th verse Deuteronomy 28 On our POWER our backs turned then came the chains of a slave Stiff necks being clasped and bound by iron rods Hearts hard, due to the bowing and worship of idol […]

Run Naga Run! by AhchWath Ty Battle   Run Naga Run for a wanted applause Just keeping running to support their cause Run Naga Run just as fast as you can Just keep running right off of your own land Run Naga Run and do not look back Just keep […]

P.S.A To The Oppressor by Ahchwa Mz. Dee (×2) Tick -tock tick -tock the clock has stopped.. Time has come to pack up and get out. Tick-Tock Tick-Tock tock your magic veil has dropped. Dear Oppressor, After Rising this morning the decision was finished. So to inform you all a […]

Fight for Uncivil Rights by AhchWath Ty Battle

Hair Powah by AhchWath Ty Battle

Sign O’ the Tymes by AhchWath Ty Battle

Makes Sense of Your Senses by AhchWath Ty Battle

Forever! by AhchWath Ty Battle

Draw A Conclusion by AhchWath Ty Battle

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS by Templar Irvin Reed  

Who fits the description? by AhchWath Ty Battle

Where and When by AhchWath Ty Battle

Forbidden Histories of America by AhchWath Ty Battle

Amerikkka by AhchWath Ty Battle

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