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The Wakanda Naga Issue by Templar Irvin Reed   First you must recognize equivalence In order to see your own relevance. There’s no need to be benevolent When you know the answer to the question: Wakanda Naga Issue? Break it all down like you’re a mechanic. Look at the details […]

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS by Templar Irvin Reed

Irvin Reed -Whole Numbers (or Whole Nine)

Irvin Reed – What’s Wrong With You

Whole Numbers (or Whole Nine) by Irvin Reed

Saint Moses the Black (330–405), (also known as Abba Moses the Robber, the Abyssinian, the Ethiopian and the Strong) was an ascetic monk and priest in Egypt in the fourth century AD, and a notable Desert Father Early life Moses was a black servant of a government official in Egypt […]

From the House of Reed: The 432 One Drop Declaration of Independence Friday, November 3, 2017 (In the 1431 year, on the 8th Month,1st Shabat or 7th Day, with a full moon beginning the evening and the day)

YOUR REAL TIME AND HISTORY - The Search for Prestor John 0715 - > 0129 - Birth of Anan Ben David 1301 < - 0715 - Birth of Anan Ben David 1302 - > 0716 - Pope decrees Papal Bul Unam Sanctam declaring/enforcing Papal Universal Authority 1320 - > 0734 [...]

QUIET TIME by Irvin Reed

Dragons Types by humanoidtyphoonJan 12 2015 Wise Gold Breath weapon: Cone of fire, weakening gas Habitat: Anywhere, although they prefer secluded lairs Diet: Small gems and pearls; they do not eat any living creatures Preferred Treasure: Art, especially paintings and sculptures Gold dragons are the most powerful of the metallic […]

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