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From the House of Reed: Next Step Forward ( a tribal love psalm) by Irvin John There are many roads filled with danger There are many flows from Roraima Hawa is aware of your strangers And code is knowing where you came from Click clack, sticks slaps Engarde is the […]

The earth beats to it’s rhythmic flow by Templar Irvin Reed Reasons over passions’ the goal Seasons over rations: control Meaning over speaking; Babel Your trees over valleys’ tribal The earth beats to its rhythmic flow! The rouahk blows to create souls Soulful yet spiritless? Invented! Spiritful yet soulless? Nephilim! […]

Templar Up! – Fountain of Youth pt 3

Templar Up! – Fountain of Youth pt2

The Wakanda Naga Issue by Templar Irvin Reed   First you must recognize equivalence In order to see your own relevance. There’s no need to be benevolent When you know the answer to the question: Wakanda Naga Issue? Break it all down like you’re a mechanic. Look at the details […]

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS by Templar Irvin Reed

Irvin Reed -Whole Numbers (or Whole Nine)

Irvin Reed – What’s Wrong With You

Whole Numbers (or Whole Nine) by Irvin Reed

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