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magnum from Latin, meaning great. and mare, meaning ocean/sea. some other translations suggest: maelstrom, confusion. and here is the Spanish definition: maremágnum. old maps – Mapamundi realitzat per Isidor de Sevilla que reflecteix la T dins O Taino in pensylvania? Joseph RiverWind is of Arawak Taino descent, and the current Peace Chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal […]

In Indian religions, Patala (Sanskrit: पाताल, IAST: pātāla, lit. … Patala is often translated as underworld or netherworld. “In Mahatala, the fifth region, reside the great serpents; and in Rasatala, the sixth, the Dai- tyas and Danavas. The chief Nagas, or snake -gods, under their monarch Vasuki, occupy the lower most of the subterranean kingdoms, that […]

DODGE THE HIGHJACK! The Origin of the North American Indians: by  John McIntosh 1858   ” We have thought proper to allude to this subject, in order to controvert the theory, that in America Adamand Eve first drew the breath of life ; for few can be ignorant of the fact, that a treatise has been written, […]

A little hint from our people here… but I ask you this… who was really teaching who? “In the beginning it was understood that all men were brothers as there is only one Creator.  Now, man needs understanding to remember this.  It is the responsibility of all man to understand […]

My Brother! All Praise The Most High Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things that are Good. I wanted to send some love your way in this our New Year celebration of Freedom! HAWAH! HAWAH! HAWAH!  Love to you~ yours and All our Brotherz and sisterz!  ECHAD AHAB!   […]

I ask you- What is a creole person? As it turns out there have been many definitions. Check out these ones Creole /ˈkriːəʊl/ noun 1. (sometimes not capital) ( in the Caribbean and Latin America) a native-born person of European, esp Spanish, ancestry a native-born person of mixed European and African ancestry who speaks a French or Spanish creole a native-born Black person as distinguished from one brought from Africa 2. (in Louisiana and other Gulf States of the US) a native-born person of French ancestry 3. the creolized French spoken in Louisiana, esp in New Orleans   http://www.dictionary.com/browse/creole   Kwéyòl was born out of the slavery era, Africans were […]

They be changing the world! All Praise to The Most High for his grace and mercy and for granting us understanding I’ve got a few morsels to share.

You find me wading in some dangerous waters. Here are some hints from the his-story of Kayin.

A little taste of some Egyptian chew…


“The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd Edition and most editions afterwards have a section called “Countries of the World”. In it, Cuba is assigned to North America, Dominica is assigned to North America, Dominican Republic is assigned to North America, Haiti is assigned to North America, Jamaica is assigned to […]

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