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Page: 3   Tenskwatawa Tenskwatawa (also known as The Prophet), a member of the Shawnee nation, was born in 1775. Named Lalawethika (the Rattle), his mother abandoned him in 1779. By all accounts, Lalawethika lacked the physical abilities that his other siblings, including his elder brother Tecumseh, enjoyed. His older siblings […] The idea of an earthly paradise located in the west is an integral part of Western literary tradition. The Garden of Eden from Genesis is the most well known version, but other lost lands of plenty appear as far back as Plato’s description of the sunken island Atlantis. Throughout […] (The link discusses the land of PJ-mostly stuff we have seen but more I think…Like this regarding the mirror, ” Before our palace stands a mirror, the ascent to which consists of five and twenty steps of porphyry and serpentine.” After a description of the gems adorning this […]

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