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Sambatyon River   Two and a half millennia ago, King  Shalmanessar exiled the last of the Ten  Tribes; the date was 556 BCE. Ever  since, people have been wondering what  became of these myriads of Jews scattered  like chaff to the wind, some over  the Sambatyon River, some to Daphne  […]


Canadian computer scientists claim to have cracked a centuries-old coded manuscript. After using artificial intelligence, sophisticated algorithms and a little help from Google Translate, the University of Alberta researchers hypothesized that the long-elusive 600-year-old text is written in encrypted Hebrew.

I Met The Siddi People Of India And It Widened My Perception Of What It Means To Be ‘Indian’


The Letter of Prester John (Abridged) Sent to Emanuel of Constantinople in 1165

Alkaline vs Acidic Foods – Chart

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