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I found an interesting link for the Koba/Phineus connection with events in history. THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION IN THIS LINK:

TaWab BaWaQar I have 2 things to share… 1st I was thinking about how we hear our lands referred to as “Turtle Island”.  The etymology of turtle believe it or not sounds like what we know about the etymology of dragon & leviathan.  They’ve overplayed their hand with their attempt […]

Cherruve Variations: Cheruvoe, Cheurvoe, Cheurvue, Cherufe The Cherruve is the Chilean spirit of comets and asteroids. Originally no more than the Araucanian meteorite, the cherruve’s role has since expanded to include lava, volcanoes, fiery exhalations, will-o-the-wisps, whirlwinds, and animate stone axes. Cherruve appearance varies from area to area, but it […]

Listening to TDR…(excellent breakdown btw) Decided to dig on the World Dragon fund of 1972…it’s currently STILL trading on the NYStock Exchange as “TDF”  or “Templeton Dragon Fund”

“Pic for Acadia National Park are very interesting… (are those eggs?)  The last link mentions this area is a dragon preserve.  I looked it up & this is a Federal Reserve area although no mention of dragons but it’s making me wonder if our Drakhans are hemmed up in the […]

This link includes a 2nd Drakahn found in the West Coast of the Americas.  It’s called the Brown ElWah and hunts mostly using sound as opposed to other drahakn’s that use sight & smell.

This shows the intent of the hijack to remove us & attempt to reshape us after their image using “education, religion, society & science etc”. The reference to the “red” man is them referring to us after wiping our memory. Note them referring to “unwritten tablets”. The Law was written […] Herman+Melville+-+Moby-Dick PDF        

Naga fireball From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BODY BAG!!!!!!! “Pgs 106 (Dragon, Occidental)  etymology: “a western person” and pg 107 (Dragon oriental) etymology:  “native OR INHABITANT (we’ve been scattered) of the east both pages are a witness to my last Leviathan email!!!  HaLal Hawa for the flow & the perspective.  Nearly EVERYTHING we’ve been surfing is being […]

“I’m seeing MAJOR drop in these links….I can hardly contain myself!!!!” – AhchWath Laurissa

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