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In Indian religions, Patala (Sanskrit: पाताल, IAST: pātāla, lit. … Patala is often translated as underworld or netherworld. “In Mahatala, the fifth region, reside the great serpents; and in Rasatala, the sixth, the Dai- tyas and Danavas. The chief Nagas, or snake -gods, under their monarch Vasuki, occupy the lower most of the subterranean kingdoms, that […]

Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru

Antarctica: Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world March 16, 2017 Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world Video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies […]

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