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United States – A history the most complete and most popular history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day – JC Ridpath   The new complete history of the United States of America – Volume 1 by JC Ridpath     […] First page calls America- Armenica Prester John lands chart A few maps map on page 14

That occurred approximately 12,000 years before the deluge of Noah, the forecast of the previous times of Mu, Atlantis and Lemuria map from conspiracy

magnum from Latin, meaning great. and mare, meaning ocean/sea. some other translations suggest: maelstrom, confusion. and here is the Spanish definition: maremágnum. old maps – Mapamundi realitzat per Isidor de Sevilla que reflecteix la T dins O Taino in pensylvania? Joseph RiverWind is of Arawak Taino descent, and the current Peace Chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal […]

In Indian religions, Patala (Sanskrit: पाताल, IAST: pātāla, lit. … Patala is often translated as underworld or netherworld. “In Mahatala, the fifth region, reside the great serpents; and in Rasatala, the sixth, the Dai- tyas and Danavas. The chief Nagas, or snake -gods, under their monarch Vasuki, occupy the lower most of the subterranean kingdoms, that […]

Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru

Antarctica: Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world March 16, 2017 Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world Video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies […]

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