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From the House of Reed: Next Step Forward ( a tribal love psalm) by Irvin John There are many roads filled with danger There are many flows from Roraima Hawa is aware of your strangers And code is knowing where you came from Click clack, sticks slaps Engarde is the […]

The earth beats to it’s rhythmic flow by Templar Irvin Reed Reasons over passions’ the goal Seasons over rations: control Meaning over speaking; Babel Your trees over valleys’ tribal The earth beats to its rhythmic flow! The rouahk blows to create souls Soulful yet spiritless? Invented! Spiritful yet soulless? Nephilim! […] Welcome to The Phoenix Files!–Part-2_b_14.html by NICHOLAS KOTAR Fantasy inspired by Russian fairy tales HISTORICAL AND LEGENDARY SOURCES AT THE ORIGINS OF THE ETHIOPIAN PRESTER JOHN PRESTER JOHN AND EUROPE’S DISCOVERY OF EAST ASIA Prester John Catholic Online Catholic Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Volume Prester john of the indies Full text of “The Land Of Prester John A Chronicle Of Portuguese Exploration”

Makhir Todros Ben Judah Zakkai – Theodoric Makhir Todros/Theodoric ben Judah Zakkai (known as Theodoric I, and Aimeri of Narbonne, son of Zakkai Yehuda), Western Exilarch, Count of Autun, DUKE OF NARBONNE, married (c.730) Aldane d’Austrasia (daughter of King Charles martel of France). Nathan Kalonymus (known as William I le cornet of Gellone). Yakar […] Check out link. there is a Prester john Chapter also a chapter on the  DIVINING ROD! CONTENTS.             PAGE Prester John            30 The Divining Rod    54 imperialfetishism Pj Drop! A little P.J drop  here name of book The Cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia …, Volume Check this one out too Prester John : paintings—The Journey of Prester John (1953) […] QUETZALCOATL Real Name: Quetzalcoatl Identity/Class: Mexican god Occupation: God of sun, wind, and wisdom Group Membership: The Aztec Gods Affiliations: The Apaco, Apollo, Horus, Indra, Shango, Sons of the Serpent, Tawa, and Thor (allies) Enemies: Defenders (Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond), She-Hulk), Demogorge, Tezcatlipoca […] fschmieder  

BHUTAN AND TIBET IN EUROPEAN CARTOGRAPHY (1597-1800) ROMOLO GANDOLFO Page 91, 99, 105 of book  Prester John mentioned pdf

A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus – Washington Irving (The link discusses the land of PJ-mostly stuff we have seen but more I think…Like this regarding the mirror, ” Before our palace stands a mirror, the ascent to which consists of five and twenty steps of porphyry and serpentine.” After a description of the gems adorning this […]

Marco Polos’s Travels

Prester John and Europes’s discovery of East Asia – Rachewiltz 1972

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