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Prester John and Europes’s discovery of East Asia – Rachewiltz 1972

Templar Up! – Fountain of Youth pt 3

Orcs and Ogres by AhchWath Ty Battle   Orcs are intelligent, gifted and are the ever known brights Ogres are the ancient Olmecs and Toltecan Templar knights Orcs have protected powah and also wisdom founded insight Ogres have drakhan laws, valor, conviction and instilled fight Orcs appear blue/gray, but are […]

The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela_ The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela…-a0350339042

nag hammadi Pictish Nation Welcome to the world’s first web site dedicated to the Picts! On the web since 1994! In here I want to make some things available to potential Pictophiles and all others who come to visit. First of all, I want to create the world’s first page dedicated […]

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