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The Letter of Prester John (Abridged) Sent to Emanuel of Constantinople in 1165

When Prester John Ruled India The Buddhist Nagas were Africans from Ethiopia

We Live in a World… by AhchWath Ty Battle

Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru

They give us a skull of a flying dragon in this one


ANDREWS Origin: Scottish Coat of Arms: A red shield with a green saltire over which is a gold saltire. Crest: A saracen’s head. Motto: Victrix fortuna sapientia. Motto Translated: Wisdom is the conqueror of fortune. Origin: Scottish Spelling variations include: Andrew, Andrews, MacAndrew, Androw, Androe, Andro and many more. First […]

The Mongol Empire

Whole Numbers (or Whole Nine) by Irvin Reed

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