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Electronic Currency by AhchWath Ty Battle   My circuit is missing from the motherboard of the money computer Construct my part of the automatic machine or the dollar bill distributors Build an incorruptible system that endlessly supplies money conformers Choose the internal parts like pure copper wire and small transformers […] Welcome to The Phoenix Files!–Part-2_b_14.html by NICHOLAS KOTAR Fantasy inspired by Russian fairy tales HISTORICAL AND LEGENDARY SOURCES AT THE ORIGINS OF THE ETHIOPIAN PRESTER JOHN PRESTER JOHN AND EUROPE’S DISCOVERY OF EAST ASIA Prester John Catholic Online Catholic Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Volume Prester john of the indies Full text of “The Land Of Prester John A Chronicle Of Portuguese Exploration”


Makhir Todros Ben Judah Zakkai – Theodoric Makhir Todros/Theodoric ben Judah Zakkai (known as Theodoric I, and Aimeri of Narbonne, son of Zakkai Yehuda), Western Exilarch, Count of Autun, DUKE OF NARBONNE, married (c.730) Aldane d’Austrasia (daughter of King Charles martel of France). Nathan Kalonymus (known as William I le cornet of Gellone). Yakar […]

Creatively Deceptive Art by AhchWath Ty Battle   Spray painting the sky to make me allergic to my own natural world Doodling white water colours as they draw clouded poison curls Writing songs with dual words that are spell binding while singing Drumming and strumming instruments tuned for inner ear […]

Questionable Tyme by AhchWath Ty Battle   Tyme’s points have united and it does not know who they are. Asking, are you from the nearness or of an existence from afar? Are you from a line that my history does not connect? Are you from the segmented point where the […]

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