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Shalom, Preparing for the Pesach, next Monday, I research bitter herbs. Entailed in the data are the following. I’m sending this as Drop! Because it is a Numbers situation. They cannot bless what’s blessed or curse what is cursed, but they can cause Hebrew AmeruKhans to curse themselves. I discovered […]

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“A Healthy Hussle” by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Big ups to all promoting economic freedom and also healthy eatin To the ones being crucified for saving lives and being called vegan They pulled the plug to stop us from getting suited up and stay tipsey They put a slug in […]

2019 by Ahchwath Ty Battle   2019 clocks Freedom tyme which means No more created fears! 2019 Sparks rage to Rise and get motivated by our tears 2019 resonates a Frequency that is tuned to our Natural ears 2019 presents a Realm infused with added History and years 2019 brings […]

Outside Influence by Ahchwath Ty Battle   The Irish gave us hops and liquor and made us happy drunks The Greeks gave us homosexuals and made some men punks The Spanish gave us Jesus and made us pagan converts The French gave us kisses and made us comfy perverts The […]

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Ameruca is the scriptured Israel, the promise land spot marked the by the X and cross Harriet Tubman is a true Hebrew Prophetess whose name was Ahchwa Araminta Ross She, like Moses, saw the Niled Mississippi and she tirelessly lead her people […]


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