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The antediluvian world

To You A-HhWH (Brothers) From Us A-HhWT (Sisters) A-HhWH, have we told you lately how much we ahab you? Have we told you lately how much we adore you? Have we told you lately how much we are in awe of you? We ahab you. We adore you. We are […]

Legal Ease by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Reparations are illegal per the currently approved US Constitution Restitution and restoration are the logical and acceptable solutions Laws don’t allow for slave debt to be erased or be permanently settled Strawman characters are created for funds to be cleverly embezzled Courts are […]

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Ameruca is the scriptured Israel, the promise land spot marked the by the X and cross Harriet Tubman is a true Hebrew Prophetess whose name was Ahchwa Araminta Ross She, like Moses, saw the Niled Mississippi and she tirelessly lead her people […]

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Restoration Over Reparation by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Restore our aboriginal state of when we were the known great Activate separation and abandon the cries of a slave reparation Reverse the current papal bull so the Naga can be paid in full Outlaw police brutality by acknowledging it is a […]

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