ty battle poetry

Direct Line by Ahchwath Ty Battle   You had a direct line to your PWH, once upon a yapah time You called his name and you didn’t need a nickel or a dime You could talk one on one about whatever was on your mind You knew the number by […]

Civil Revolutionary War by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Independent thoughts of unity form in the state of the conscious mind Suspend talk of another treaty being drafted and too unanimously signed Default thinking keeps us in a place of being nice, comfortable and cozy Revolt risings being shown in blind […]

Legal Ease by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Reparations are illegal per the currently approved US Constitution Restitution and restoration are the logical and acceptable solutions Laws don’t allow for slave debt to be erased or be permanently settled Strawman characters are created for funds to be cleverly embezzled Courts are […]

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Ameruca is the scriptured Israel, the promise land spot marked the by the X and cross Harriet Tubman is a true Hebrew Prophetess whose name was Ahchwa Araminta Ross She, like Moses, saw the Niled Mississippi and she tirelessly lead her people […]

Restoration Over Reparation by Ahchwath Ty Battle   Restore our aboriginal state of when we were the known great Activate separation and abandon the cries of a slave reparation Reverse the current papal bull so the Naga can be paid in full Outlaw police brutality by acknowledging it is a […]

The Zan Zone by Ahchwath Ty Battle   The Zan Zone is your dojo to acknowledge and honor our Shabat It is a place to rest, so our commandments we will violate not Remove your shoes as you are show respect to the sacred ground Maintain cleanliness of the air, […]

Imprisoned by AhchWath Ty Battle   Our people are tied down and locked up in the invaders prisons system The cells don’t contain the real criminals but houses indigenous victims They turn the original inhabitants of this land into unfairly assumed convicts They always turn wight motivated protests into racially […]

Freedom AhchWath Ty Battle   Freedom is not to be looked at or considered as an option It is the concept of choosing up and the will to stop sin Freedom is not a choice of which you have to luckily choose It should be considered like you have nothing […]

Not Physically Lost by AhchWath Ty Battle   The children of Israel are not really physically misplaced or lost They are hidden from reality at all expense, risks and/or cost We are here in the part of the world they trek to find and see There are ancient ruins being […]

Destroying Ancient Lands by AhchWath Ty Battle   Our many and vast lands across the plane has been very recently raided It is relentlessly sought out and destroyed as it is being found and invaded They leave utter and total destruction as they stealthily attack and pillage They raped and […]

Mount Roraima We are to search for HWH, King David and Mt Roraima It should be our one priority, goal and our only aim, Bruh You may finally find the illusive and nestorian Prester John Or locate land full of Nagas, Toltecs and the Mayan Khans It is accessible by […]

Unlabeled by AhchWath Ty Battle   We are made of everything of the Americas Of the blood and dirt from Cuba to Jamaica We are the kings, queens, knights and chiefs Who are being invaded by the European thief We had empires, chiefdoms and dukedoms Before the colonizers came and […]

Electronic Currency by AhchWath Ty Battle   My circuit is missing from the motherboard of the money computer Construct my part of the automatic machine or the dollar bill distributors Build an incorruptible system that endlessly supplies money conformers Choose the internal parts like pure copper wire and small transformers […]

Creatively Deceptive Art by AhchWath Ty Battle   Spray painting the sky to make me allergic to my own natural world Doodling white water colours as they draw clouded poison curls Writing songs with dual words that are spell binding while singing Drumming and strumming instruments tuned for inner ear […]

We Live in a War Zone by AhchWath Ty Battle   Militaries are armed with missiles, drones and armor tanks Hoods are flooded with drugs, sex, machine guns and shanks Sky is insulted with an aerogel deceptive chemical weapon The lands are being trampled about with the Pharaoh’s blessing Bodies […]

Questionable Tyme by AhchWath Ty Battle   Tyme’s points have united and it does not know who they are. Asking, are you from the nearness or of an existence from afar? Are you from a line that my history does not connect? Are you from the segmented point where the […]

Deficient by AhchWath Ty Battle   We were taught to stay away from cars and foods that are “white” To avoid people that are “wight” because they are not right Something is abnormal of the entities who skin is light pinkish pale¬† They are an abomination of a magnanimous¬† unbalanced […]

Random Shyt by AhchWath Ty Battle   Consciousness is being hypnotized into thinking it is aware Alarms are sounded and silenced so you won’t wake and care Brainwash is to cleanse the mind of things we once did know Relax the coils so the frequency wires are trained not to […]

Open Your Mind by AhchWath Ty Battle   Go ahead old adult move forward in your spiritual youth Keep wallowing in your acquired unfounded and fake truth You’ve gathered up a lifetime of what you consider knowledge You feel secure from wisdom gathered from the societal college You keep holding […]

Vegetation State of Mind by AhchWath Ty Battle   I live in a vibrant, happy healthy vegetation state of mind A state that cities all the vegetables one can possibly find I live in a state where my proteins are living and doing well A state where my mouth has […]

Social Media Evolution by AhchWath Ty Battle   My space turned into MySpace. A place to be in my face in space. Then my face needed it’s on place and a new look, so it morphed into Facebook. So I can chronicle my life in an internet book identified with […]

On Your Chiseled Walls by AhchWath Ty Battle   On your chiseled walls there is no evidence of any flaws and there are no proofs of written laws On your chiseled walls I see only things that are only great and there are no signs of any form of mistakes […]

TurfThurz by AhchWath Ty Battle   New flash! TurfThurz on 432 The Drop Radio is the place to be, if you haven’t heard It’s where artists and producers share their personal journey in their own words Their stories are encouraging and reaching the Khan’s mind as we gather in herds […]

With These Hands by AhchWath Ty Battle   I’ve calmed internal storms with these open praying hands I’ve dodged many hijacks with these silent slaying hands I’ve wasted a lot of money with these debt paying hands I’ve won many competitions with these game playing hands I’ve avoided many conflicts […]

Back To It by AhchWath Ty Battle   This is for the homies in back of the class This is for the rebels in the back of the bus This is for road that takes us back to the past This is for the minus to get back to the […]

I Am Not a Vegan! by AhchWath Ty Battle   Stop calling me a vegetarian and a vegan I am a natural person who is naturally eatin I was created by HaWaH in a garden paradise Sparked with breath and commanded to rise I am made of the earth, air […]

Encoded in Our DNA by AhchWath Ty Battle   Everything we need to know is encoded in our DNA. It’s been sitting and waiting there since the first day. In every single unique strand the truth will always stay. Unlike the weak flesh our hearts will never go far astray. […]

It Is Originally Your Book by AhchWath Ty Battle   The invaders saw your Torah and read your sacred words HWH had scripted The invaders wanted it to be a crafty weapon to use against you so they lifted it The invaders studied your Abbas parental instructions for you and […]

The Heathen by AhchWath Ty Battle   Heathens are mutated and underdeveloped man created beasts They thrive on meals consisting of bloody flesh for their feasts Heathens are uncontrollable and untamable, an undesired savage They leave utter destruction in the explored lands that they ravage Heathens likely bring severe disfunction […]

Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars by AhchWath Ty Battle   Aerogel sprayed from aerosol jets as the sky falls is discussed at medical boards Schooling and Education produce mental riot words equipped with civil swords Frequencies and music emit deceptively peaceful notes and hidden violent chords Food and soils are subjected […]

Because We Stopped by AhchWath Ty Battle   Starving artists exists because we stopped supporting and feeding them Dusty books exists because we stopped researching and reading them Gardens don’t grow because we stopped plowing and weeding them Living words are dead because we stopped believing and heeding them Cases […]

Let Us Gather by AhchWath Ty Battle   We need to consciously unite our minds to assimilate We need to get focused and deliberately concentrate We need to conspire to flock, rally, army and troop We need to vibe up, assemble, amass and to group We need to intentionally huddle, […]

The Creators Creations by AhchWath Ty Battle The Creator has his master creation and the master creation has their bastard creations The Most High has people on high and his people on high have their people on the sly HWH has servants crafted of his lands and his servants drafted […]

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