Drop Poetry | What Are We Doing Wrong? | by Achoti Ty Battle

What are we doing wrong?

by Achoti Ty Battle

We see with covered or blind eyes

We speak with fork tongues tell lies

We listen with clogged or deaf ears

We cry with fake crocodile tears

We think with a clouded or narrow mind

We make promises we never keep or bind

We act hastily without just or cause

We react swiftly with little or no pause

We care with hardened or bitter hearts

We share sparingly divided unequal parts

We want while being stingy or selfish

We are helpless without being selfless

We receive without the notion to give

We needlessly die without trying to live

We are diseased despite the natural cures

We mix seeds with soil that is unpure

We know without achieving overstanding

We agree or settle without demanding

We work without having to churn or labor

We need saving but don’t know Hawa is our Savior

What are we doing wrong?

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