Drop Poetry | Fight Night | by Achoti Ty Battle

Fight Night

by Achoti Ty Battle


Stepping in the ring like you are worthy competition

All hyped up on hope and superstition

Bound to leave the match with an honorable mention

Choosing to pick this fight was a suicide mission

Gotch you dizzy from the way that I spin my fists

Topsy turvy cause I hit you with that wrist twist

Upside down cause you can’t stand how I flip shit

Walking crooked like you suffer from a slipped disc

Knuckled up to spar cause you prepared for a long fight

Got you hanging on the ropes so you better hold tight

Busting lips and eyes like you wanna go night night

Got caught off guard cause your body wasn’t trained right

Hitting you with upper cuts, two pieces and quick jabs

Stunning you with body blows and rib shots that stab

Connecting with long arms, short reaches and chin shots

Defending with swift steps, long strides and chop blocks

Got you shuffling in the ring but you better get down

Gotcha crouching and bowing trynna get at that crown

Shook your world now you’re dazed and can’t come around

Got you collecting your prize at the losers lost and found

Fight Night

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