Drop Poetry | Know Your Land | by Achoti Ty Battle

Know Your Land

by Achoti Ty Battle


The land of the ancient Hawa Hawa

Is really the beautiful Island of Cuba

From South America sits the clouds of Peruselam

Now currently called by corrupted Jerusalem

The Sambatyon is a flowing river of rocks

Resting on the Sabbath when all work Must Stop

The Red River is the Nile in Colorado

It is majestically carved in land that is hallowed

The promised land are in the Hawaudah mountains

Where we might find dragons and magical fountains

The Garden of Eden is here in the East not the West

Africa is located not to the right, but to the left

The “Old” world is really found in the “New” one

Where you’ll probably find King Solomon’s Kingdom

All land is connected and it just might be fact

This can be verified by using the hyboria map

Know your land


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