Drop Poetry | Natural by Law | by Achoti Ty Battle

“Natural by Law”

by Achoti Ty Battle

We are “Natural by Law” and a pure beautiful vibration

That means we are a flawless and intentional creation

Like the trees, the beat out firmament and earth’s foundation

Like the rainbows and the flowers show us Hawa’s dedication

We are “Natural by Law” the copper-colored hue-man

We are operating on the natural law of our forefathers lands

Like the stars, sun and moon and every grain of sand

Perfectly shaped and molded by the work Hawa’s hands

We are “Natural by Law” which means that we are free

We can float around happily like the birds and the bees

We can move without limits like the Watah in the seas

We can exist with no borders and do just what we please

We are “Natural by Law” like the crop nourishing weather

Like the Lionesses in jungle, when they go prey together

Like diamonds, gold and silver has value you cannot measure

Like the words carefully written in the pages of the cepher

“Natural by Law”

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