Drop Poetry | To All My Achs | by Achoti Ty Battle

To all my Achs

by Achoti Ty Battle

To all my Achs dropping drop, im sending y’all a quick shot out.

Teach Me to Be Priestly, Peru Salem and, of course, the Lion, King Drop

These are our Copper Colored Brothers who sacrifice and keep it real

The ones who dare to move the water, while others keep it still

The Beat man Uno, Issac Ford, CJ Battle and “The Oil” man Pach

They keep us going, steadily flowing and never seem to stop

Don’t forget Jr. Authur Scott, Getting to the Root and J Stew “what it do”

They provide the vids with all the WaTah that we all need to view

To Natural by Law and Hiram Art who provides all that is true

I wanna take the time, like you all do, to simply say thank you. “Thawadah”

To all my Achs

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