Drop Poetry | Created Minds | by Achoti Ty Battle

Created Minds

by Achoti Ty Battle


We have to undoubtedly remember that we are a special and unique kind. We are specifically created to expand and facilitate our mind. As we increase in knowledge and deligently unwind time, we will soon discover that we are an original spectacular design. It will be revealed that we are a forethought drafted and not built by the blind. We are meticulously molded and intentionally eloquently refined. We are intricately wooven and deliberately delicately twined. We can do all things, like be creative, be active or what ever is our predicted grind. Our body is an unsure vessel, but your brain is faithfully one of a kind. We will accomplish many things in life is what we will eventually find. If we use our thoughts as foretold then everything else falls in line. We have to embrace our ideas gather our tribe and ensure no one is left behind. We have to stop, think and execute as planned and our existence will be just fine.

Created Minds


  1. Our created, creative minds are entwined and linked like fine grapes upon a vine, the spirit within us echoes and traverses all boundary lines. Like a people destined to enter a land, crossing the threshold our consciousness expands, revealing a life far more grand than our previous thoughts or conclusions could ever understand. Surrounded by folly, believing the illusion, drunk in our haste, ignoring the solution, we preferred the cake over the coffee so as not to awaken, quick fill up my cup before it is taken. In all our trouble we sunk low into the mire but raise your heads, your salvation draws near. Glad I am to see, sisters and brothers forming the t, the x or the w, you see us together is the we, a singular, solid, harmonious weapon here to quell this universal insurrection, against the children of light there will be no protection. Many will gawk, some will even try to follow, they may attempt to slay us, with bows and arrow, but when the vibration your emitting is continually irrating(irate) the fools sitting upon high horse and carriage station, be ye not frightened, but steady the course. We know what we are, though they tried to shake us, but they could never break us, for The Creators hand is what has shaped us.

    1. I’m glad I was sitting. That was absolutely beautifully written. It’s always a blessing to see our nation on a pure vibration as we awaken. To know once we rise we can never again be shaken. As we feel the frequency and we share it frequently we give our whole tribe the willingness to vibe. We are opening our minds to receive the divine as we strive for all to come alive.
      Much Ahab Yeshurun14 Ba-Ba-Qa-Shah (Please) keep your PoWah-ful words coming! We Ah-Ab (Love) being fed on naturally grown bread. Sha-La-Wam (Peace) and Ha-Lal Hawa (Praise Hawa)

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