Drop Poetry | Lions, Dragons and Dragonflies, Oh My | by Achoti Ty Battle

Lions, Dragons and Dragonflies, Oh My

by Achoti Ty Battle


Lions are the mighty Judah and are the symbol of our pride

Dragons guard our caves and treasures that they hide

Dragonflies bring protection to our lost or scattered tribe

These things are here for us to use as guides

Lions roam the near lands and the ones far and wide

Dragons cover the land and seas as they soar and glide

Dragonflies hover about us and are always at our side

These things are loose for you that you are forever tied

Lions have confidence about them as they strut and stride

Dragons have the ring of fire and are there for us to ride

Dragonflies see around and they possess a special vibe

We were never aware of these, so many of us have died

Lions, Dragons and Dragonflies, Oh My


  1. My sister your speech is sweet beyond compare
    With natural made honey you anoint us
    Like fine braids within hair
    It would seem though
    That not all are prepared for that which layeth ahead
    A disposing of the illusion
    And a serenity without end
    The faith we are about to encounter
    Can not be weighed, nor will be measured
    Those dependent upon others shall be lost
    Upon HaWah all His mighty will trust
    Kaleb & Yehoeshua have brought back the report
    We are able to take them and enter the land
    HaWah is with us surely we will stand
    The people began to mutter in disbelief
    “Surely we shall die oh cant you see”
    Dependent they still are upon the teachings of the enslaver
    They wish to return to the meat they may savour
    All the holy nations shall be freed don’t you know!
    I suppose you expect to remain on the low.
    However we shall charge forth in the Faith of our Framer
    Don’t you know to them we are the maker
    We symbolize all that they wished we were naught
    All that they strived to begot
    Little however has truly arisen
    Oh dear brothers and sisters do not be caught in derision
    When you see the enemy has fallen in submission
    Know HaWah had long prepared the munitions
    Beware of greed and violence, my righteous!
    For those who love such shall be silenced
    Ahab to The Tribes!!
    We are again alive…

  2. Yeshurun14
    Tha-Wa-Dah Ra-Bah (you’re very kind)! I appreciate that you appreciate my words. I see you have a way with words yourself. Very nice. The energy wave is real. Much Ahab to you and your Fam. Thanks for 🏄 my wave. Sha-La-Wam (Peace) and Tha-Ba-Wa-Ah (Increase) Ha-Lal Hawa (Praise Hawa)

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