Drop Poetry | When Shit Hits The Fan, What’s Your Backup Plan? | by Achoti Ty Battle

When shit hits the fan, what’s your backup plan?

by Achoti Ty Battle


When the phones go down, think what are you gonna do

When you call to check on someone, now you can’t through

When the water’s not running, neither hot nor the cold

When you can’t wash your body and the odor’s getting bold

When flowers and gardens are wilting from lack of needed water

When you can’t feed yourselves, your sons or your daughters

When the power grid goes out, you’re in complete total dark

When will it happen at work, home or while walking in the park

When banks shut down and there’s no more use for money

When clinics and throats are closed and now noses are runny

When all hope is lost and the desperate times set in

When the clock stop ticking, will you know where to begin

When all coordinates are suddenly turned upsides down, perhaps

When the GPS is useless and you can not read a map

When gas supplies run out and fuel tanks are leveled low

When you can’t move your car, but now you’ve gotta go

When you realize these scenarios maybe one day be true

When you do not have an answer to what are you gonna do

When shit hits the fan, what’s your backup plan?

Tribe up, Vibe up, Suit up, Choose up!

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