Drop Poetry | Weather or Not | by Achoti Ty Battle

Weather or Not

by Achoti Ty Battle


Earthquakes, volcanos, fires, floods and all these damn hurricanes

Event after event is happening and driving the whole world insane

The sun was out, now it’s not and where the hell is the moon

Are these natural or man-made things and the end is coming soon

The earth is spontaneously shifting and uncontrollably shaking

Crusted mantle is crumbling while violently vibrating and quaking

Hot lava filled tree stumps are fiercely spitting and churning

Treeless forests catch fire and are rapidly scorching and burning

Rain no days here, 5 days there is enough to confuse your brain

Sewers filled with murky waters that do not efficiently drain

Blue skies turn to white blankets of puffy and ominous clouds

Are these forces designed or signs to make us cry out loud

Cyclonic storms that form are steadily making their rain fall

While destroying buildings and sucking sand, the water and all

Weather or Not these are predictions and being forced to come true

These things are happening whether or not they directly affect you

Weather or Not

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