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  1. Ahchwath Mz. Dee,
    Thawadah, for all the Ah-Ab (Love) you show me. I sincerely appreciate you sharing my poetry. These words can never express the gratitude. Thawadah you also for sharing your feelings with us. We are not always able to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. You seem to have mastered that ability. I have taken my hat off to you, an action not always taken. I intentively listen as you educate us, vibrate us and elevate us as a nation, especially as we aim to Tha-Ba-Wa-Ah (Increase) our Sha-Ba-Ta (Tribe), Knowledge and Powah. Are DraKhan instincts are being revived, La (no) doubt. Much Ah-Ab (Love) Thawadah for everything that you do as we suit up. Can’t wait til we connect so we can vibe together. I Ah-Ab (Love) surfing the wave with you. Sha-La-Wam (Peace) Ty
    Ha-Lal Hawa (Praise Hawa).

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