Drop Poetry | 1492 | by Achoti Ty Battle


by Achoti Ty Battle


In the year 1492 Columbus chartered a course to find and capture you.

He wasn’t lost and just accidentally discovered a few.

Through the rough seas and currents of the ocean blue,

They endured the weather, their boats were battered, but still they found your world anew.

They say they discovered a people without knowledge and culture, that’s not true!

They say we couldn’t read, write, think or even say boo.

They found our people with riches, food, language and land too.

The Americas, The Caribbean and Mexico to name a few.

They wanted it so they beat, raped, stole sold and slew.

When they were tired, weak and hungry from land they maraudered through,

They rounded you up for food to consume as they killed and slaughtered you.

Genocide to the indigenous people is what really happened in 1492.


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