Drop Poetry | “Be Patient, Be Patient”! | by AhchWath Ty Battle

“Be Patient, Be Patient”!

by AhchWath Ty Battle

Be patient, be patient, for patience is a virtue,

We need more time to fix the systems that hurt you.

Yes we are aware that its taking forever to fix,

The wheels of justice turns slowly, never quick, quick, quick.

It took us hundreds of years to create this mess,

Believe in us and the system we are doing our best.

We know you need shelter, food and education,

But no laws can be changed while congress is on vacation.

We have other obligations like putting a “man on the moon”,

But all in good time we’ll get to you soon.

Be patient, be patient, for white justice is not blind,

It will take a long time before we see one mankind.

Its terrible, it horrific whats going on in these jails,

Over crowded with Copper-Colored People are the prison cells.

We see upon review that some were unjustly convicted,

Its gonna take time to get those convictions evicted.

We have meetings after meetings and most will agree,

That changes need to be happen and happen immediately.

Be patient, be patient, we simply need more time,

These systems are so so corrupt and are so intertwined.

We want to give you healthcare, we really really do,

Can you give us more time so we can help you?

We have no path forward, no answer in sight,

But we are working tirelessly to give you your rights.

We have made so much progress, I know its hard to see,

The progress is there, you have to believe me.

Just a bit more time, so we can work things out,

It will get done this time there is no need to doubt.

“Be Patient, Be Patient “!

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