Drop Poetry | “Knock Knock” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

“Knock Knock”

by AhchWath Ty Battle


As I sit on my couch engulfed in reality t.v.

I get a “Knock Knock” in reality.

I respond like all who receives a call, who’s there?, as I pretend to care.

It’s society and I need your help please citizen, I’m in need of employment and medical attention.

My cars broken down and my wallet is empty, I need to see a doctor but lack of insurance prevents me.

I’ve walked several miles, but can’t take another step, my stomach is empty and I’ve run out of breath.

My clothes are tattered and in flip flops I’m cold, my job abandoned me because I got old.

“Knock Knock”… Please open the door,

I just need a moment, a seat, not much more.

May I borrow a phone and maybe a buck,

Please say a small prayer and wish me good luck.

I open the door and to the man I replied,

I can not help you poor sir and here is why.

If I help you I’ll have to help all, do realize exactly how much that would cost?

I have to provide all with healthcare, jobs and all kind of assistance,

It’s never been done, it cannot be done, no matter the persistence.

The cost is to great, it’s just too late to go back and make up for past mistakes.

You can borrow my phone and here’s a few bucks,

Get out, God bless and lots of good luck!

Wait! Wait! Come back. Come back,

I can’t just let you walk away like that.

Your “Knock Knock” startled me, but that’s no reason to be rude,

Come in, get warm and here’s a plate of food.

There’s more I can do here’s medicine for your health,

Here’s some clean clothes, go take a shower and clean yourself.

That “Knock Knock” on the door was person in need,

I must do all I can to help him succeed.

We have to do better for all to survive,

We must work together to all stay alive.

“Knock Knock”

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