Drop Poetry | Dum Diversas | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Dum Diversas

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Of all the plagues, inflictions and curses,

Do you wanna know what the absolute worst is?

Do I have to tell you what the painstaking first is?

To keep us in perpetual servitude is what their thirst is.

They put a council together to determine what our worth is.

In cahoots with all the banks, courts, jails and churches,

They have all conspired to administer endless adverses.

They can beat us, enslave us, sell and cheaply purchase.

They can put us in captivity, cages, and funeral hearses.

They can do it all lawfully and for one particular purpose,

Because the Roman Papacy has decreed The Dum Diversas.

Dum Diverses

On June 18 in 1452, Pope Nicholas V issued a decree to put Pagans and Saracens in perpetual servitude. Look it up!!!!!!

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