Drop Poetry | What’s On The Agenda? | by AhchWath Ty Battle

What’s on the Agenda?

by AhchWath Ty Battle


If you are not a researcher and you dismiss conspiracies,

There is a very small chance of you actually hearing me.

What was the government doing under president Nixon?

What exactly was his adminstration brewing and mixin’?

Was the havoc initiator and orchestrator Henry Kissinger?

Was he the head of chaos and the extermination commissioner?

Agenda 21, Rex 84, depopulation, gun control and micro chips,

Are weapons being used to control the masses with a macro grip.

In emergent times, FEMA director gets all executing authority.

He becomes responsible for the nation’s safety and security.

During this discourse, the constitution has no bearing or power.

They can cut your rights, food, travel, and electrical towers.

Keep your eyes open, be aware of what’s emerging, clearly see;

Any planned or unplanned event that calls for a State of Emergency!

It could be weather, financial, act of terror, or a health outbreak.

Whether it be natural or a false flag they will do whatever it takes.

The “heroes” of the day are ushering in on the “Pale Horse”,

Galavanting in and bringing destruction and death on course.

Your post offices become official points for assistance registration.

They get upgraded to aid in the downfall of this fictitious nation.

Concentration camps are Walmarts and Targets with security fences.

Race extinction exists as they manipulate their bullshit census.

There are tunnels, prisons and the deceptive floating rescue barge.

There are killer cops, trained militia and a rogue military in charge.

The fall of an empire has been in the works for many decades.

They are wiping us out and collecting their personal acalades.

If you don’t believe me research for yourself, which you should do anyway.

Knowing this stuff could possibly save you and your loved ones’ lives one day.

What’s on the Agenda?

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