Drop Poetry | Control | by AhchWath Ty Battle


by AhchWath Ty Battle

The government is acquiring Mass Control. They are uncontrollably bold and they operate without regards to judicial scold.

The powers that be are engineering Mind Control. They unscrupulously mold the everyday thoughts and actions of the blinded fold.

The elite are practicing religious Soul Control.  It’s an unheavenly hold of the spiritual beliefs and customs of the Heavenly sold.

The tyrants in charge are administrating Social Control. They are undesirably cold and awaiting the destruction of a society that’s bound to implode.

The executives of the corporation are execising Financial Control. They are unlawfully withholding all the gold, land, royal captives and riches to behold.

The entities of the fallen are executing Population Control. The census polled manipulate numbers suppressing lives through collections untold

The invaders at large are achieving Morality Control. They have craftfully grabbed ahold of the conscience of the indigenously right people from this land of old


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