Drop Poetry | All I Have To Be | by AhchWath Ty Battle

All I Have To Be

by AhchWath Ty Battle


Reading through the Torah has opened up the past for me.

If I believe in many gods, I’m committing blasphemy.

Having false idols and deities is like having a rash to me.

Christianity won’t survive, ’cause a lie can’t last in me.

I felt like a worm on a line that was lost and cast at sea.

Like I was the last one blind but somehow I’m the first to see.

With HAWA’s word on my side now I feel so fast and free.

Struggling for wisdom and understanding is no longer a clash for me.

To obey my Father’s laws, was all that was tasked to me.

To follow his commandments was the only thing asked of me.

To search for the truth that was craftfully masked from me.

To be a servant to The Most High is All I Have To Be!

All I Have to Be

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